When You Fail

You’ve declared war. Lust, anger, idolatry, selfishness, pride: they have all become your enemy. The battle cry loud, the march strong, you charge head on into the fiery war of sin and salvation; not by yourself, since you realize that the gruesome swords of darkness can penetrate even the strongest of wills. No, by your side is the Savior, and with Him the forces of the enemy fall, for in His presence they are powerless.

This King, this Savior so gallant, kind, loving, brave, noble and humble, has revived not only your heart, but the souls of countless men. All of whom through His strength are revolting against the prince of the world. It’s a glorious sight. A powerful enemy with such a grave influence; so utterly destroyed and defenseless.

The battle is sure. The King will win. The enemy is in retreat. Sin and death are still present, but yet defeated through the power of His Son.

We were all captives of evil, slaves to corruption and a hate of Him, but were redeemed, bought, justified, and are now on the road of sanctification.

In the midst of the battle, the armies of evil will surround you. They will tempt you, maybe even causing you to stumble in your march with the King.

You love the King, and desire to please Him with all your life. To march with Him is your greatest honor.

But then you’re smitten. The arrows of the enemy cause you to err. Suddenly you are overcome by a wave of guilt. Feelings of failure and regret encompass any hope of redemption. Self-pity and remorse are all but present. Weak and weary, more blows are received. Instead of grabbing hold to the Son’s outstretched hand, you pay attention to the arrows stuck in your side.

You begin asking when this will cease. You look at your performance and know you’ve fallen short. You try rising again in hope to be free but are stricken once more. You desperately desire to be saved but forget who the Savior is.


you may fail and you may stumble, you may cry and you may weep, you may feel shame and start to doubt, but in all the brokenness remember,

When you fail the King calls you back: There’s dirt on your face, you’re tired and worn, having fallen onto the ground yet again. Desperately you attempt to get up, but slip back into the mud. No matter how much effort and hope you put into your rescue, you fail. But if you would just look up and scan the terrain, you would realize that you’ve been dragging yourself down the wrong path. Behind you is a Kingdom, in front of you is a pit. The King of the Kingdom is visible, but is not standing in His Kingdom. To your surprise He is there, kneeling beside your dirt clad self, with a soft, loving voice, calling you back to Him. He says not to look down the pits of Sheol, but to His loving hands; for in those hands are peace, joy, true fulfillment, and salvation. (1 Thessalonians 2:12)

When you fail there is redemption: God our King, our loving, merciful Father, has provided an eternal sacrifice; His only Son, to save us from sin. This sacrifice is everlasting. That means sin no longer has dominion over your life, for the Son has redeemed you. This redemption not only justifies us before the Father, but redeems us from the power of sin. No longer do you have to be plagued by guilt, for He has redeemed, no longer do you have to be consumed with lust, for He has redeemed, no longer do you have to be controlled by pride, for He has redeemed. You have been bought with a price, so wake to His redemption and live! (Psalms 111:9) (Colossians 1:14) (Ephesians 1:7)

When you fail you have forgiveness: Kindness beyond reason is in your midst, for even in failure there is forgiveness! In all your sins, the Lord looks upon you with a kind eye, one slow to anger and abundant in mercy. Do not sham His forgiveness by dwelling on your impurities; even though the reality is you are impure, He is still a forgiving God! Run to the cross and cling to Him! (1 John 2:1) (Ephesians 1:7)

When you fail the King still loves you: God’s love is unconditional. It’s not based on your performance and it’s not based on how you please Him. He loves you because you’re His child, and nothing can separate you from this relationship. He bought you and has you, do not be afraid nor dismay, God’s love isn’t uncertain, and it’s not cruel. His love is sure. It surrounds us in our worse moments, it carries us in our grief’s, its picks us up in our failures- the power of His love is beyond comprehension! Rest in that. (Psalms 136) (Romans 8:39) (Ephesians 2:3-5)

When you fail the King will keep you: No matter how many times you fall in that dirt, no matter how many times you are stricken by arrows, and no matter how many times you stumble, the King is always there by your side. He will make sure you don’t perish, He will make you sure you grow in holiness, He will love you, He will keep you. (1 Corinthians 1:8) (Philippians 1:6)

When you fail remember what God has done: Remember the wondrous work of Christ on the Cross. Remember what this means in relation to your struggles, your pain, your failures, and hold onto that, for the loving sacrifice of Christ will lift you up. Nothing else can satisfy; nothing else can deliver you from the shame of failure, but Him.  (Romans 5)

Remind yourself of these things, get back up again, and be comforted; He is a worthy King!

  • Haylie

    Hey Liam! Not sure if you remember me from previous Disqussions (see what I did there? :p) On TheRebelution and SOG. I very randomly ran across this article today and I wanted to tell you I really needed to hear it, and it was fantastic! Thank you!

    • http://resoluteforchrist.com/ Liam

      Yes, I do remember ya. Thanks! 🙂

      • Haylie

        You’re welcome 🙂